Media Mania and Mobile Viewpoint – Success Story – UAE Production Company Enhancing their Video Services

Media Mania are a one-stop multi-media house having created many high-end video productions from content for TV broadcasting to live streaming corporate events. With services from pre-production, 4K content creation to full post-production, they provide full end-to-end commissions having many documentaries, movies and television commercials to their credit.

Located in the Twofour54 Media Zone in Abu Dhabi, Media Mania began a search in 2017 to find a mobile encoder solution for remote operations in the field. Customers were beginning to ask for live streaming solutions for enhancing their content and needing to make it available for instant viewing on the internet – they wanted to fuse these live streaming services with their traditional broadcasting work.

Roland Daou, CEO of Media Mania explains “As a media production company we are always looking to innovate and provide our customers with state of the art services, which means utilizing state of the art equipment. Our choice of Mobile Viewpoint product was not by chance, we were looking for an easy to use, reliable high end product for our deliveries and operations, and Mobile Viewpoint provided us with just that. Our operations are continually evolving and Mobile Viewpoint’s products just fitted into our requirement like a piece in a puzzle. It was seamless. ”

Mobile Viewpoint have since 2010 being innovators in manufacturing live streaming encoders that can utilize bonded 3G, 4G and now 5G cellular networks together to live stream back to a broadcast location or directly to the cloud to support web streaming and social media applications. In use by many global broadcasters and TV production companies, they fully support both H264 and H265 encoding and Mobile Viewpoint was the first to market with a single encoder that could support multi-camera inputs, 4K and tally connections. They continue to innovate with new solutions for live streaming and remote productions with a new features such as RCP and remote camera control in a backpack type setup.

Roland continues “Fulfilling our initial need of live broadcasting to the web, the WMT encoder from Mobile Viewpoint has also enhanced other services demonstrating its versality to add value to our customer offerings.  It allowed us to have the option of streaming in a more cost effective way, and diversify our services and make maximum use of it. It has enabled us to accomplish jobs that were not previously possible. We are using it in our OB Vans for remote live streaming productions. But we even found a use for it in our television commercials and cinematic filming, where clients are able to view shots direct from a remote location which can add real value to the production chain where they can give insights, receive feedback and obtain instant approvals.”

As a service provider for various TV channels in the UAE, Media Mania has used Mobile Viewpoint’s products on multiple occasions including TV programs, festivals and live events. This includes the following productions: UAE Mars Probe Mission and Arab Reading Challenge – Mohammad Bin Rashid Global Initiative, UNGA Global House meeting for ADGMO and UN, Repeat After Me program streaming, remote production between UAE and Lebanon, Zahrat AL Khaleej, remote production during the lockdown with 3 remote filming locations in the UAE and 2 locations in Lebanon streaming the production, Al Dhafra Festival, Liwa Date Festival streaming for various platforms. Also with the lockdown and the clients not able to be on site, Media Mania are now using this technology to allow their clients to conduct filming remotely from overseas.

Roland concludes “At Media Mania, we treat our suppliers as partners and we are always aiming to provide the best services for our clients. For us, we really believe that Mobile Viewpoint provides the best products so it is not a coincidence for us to consider them as our partner. This is not only for the quality of their products, but for the trustable footprint of their work and their reputation which they always meet with excellent customer relations. In the most recent of times we have turned lockdown into an open world with all its corner connected.”

High praise indeed, and very much appreciated by the people at Mobile Viewpoint whose mission it is to help their customers constantly improve their own quality and delivery of video services.