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Live streaming is the answer.

Corporate solutions

IQ Video Solutions offers corporate customers the ability to easily live stream video from a range of applications including webinars, corporate communications, shareholder meetings, press interviews and other external communications where a professional video production enhances the brand awareness.


With background in providing professional broadcast technology from subsidiary company Mobile Viewpoint for a wide range of global broadcasters, IQ Video Solutions has taken this experience and designed a range of solutions and products ideal for the corporate AV market. The answer lies in AI technology.

IQ Video Solutions has an AI Powered Automated Studio System with automated cameras that do not require camera people or a director to create a compelling video production. The AI system known as vPilot, allows organizations to build their own multi camera studio that can create professional corporate productions. Ideal for events, round table discussions, executive interviews, podcasts, vlogs and other corporate communications it does not have the restriction of hiring a production company or the cost of camera people and production staff.


And ideal for lower cost studio productions, Mobile Viewpoints solutions can be utilized for a range of production requirements including in-studio round table discussions, news studios and speaking events. Mobile Viewpoint developed the Trolly Live solution that is a studio-in-a-box that includes a camera that can be remotely controlled, a screen that is easy to use and cane be used for autocue or return video, and an encoder that allows live streaming over multiple 5G/4G/3G networks, Wi-Fi and/or broadband for extreme reliability.

In addition IQ Video Solutions  offers a cloud based management system known as LinkMatrix that provides production and distribution tools so a stream can be instantly branded with logo, overlays and graphics and pushed to any online destination.    



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