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AI based live streaming of sports

Sport productions

IQ Video Solutions  has developed an AI based sports streaming solution that produces live sports games for TV channels, OTT platforms and social media, but without the need and expense of onsite camera people. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor sports games that don’t have the capital and resource of the major games, IQ-SP is ideal for tier 2 leagues, media rights holders, training sessions, U21, U18 and other grass roots games where they have limited budget but require professional productions.


Sports from soccer to basketball, and handball to ice hockey coupled with grass root sports often do not have the luxury or resource for an onsite camera team to live stream their matches.

The power of AI allows the creation of broadcast quality matches at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches. This has led to many top teams who would utilize a an onsite production team for their high profile games, to complement the use of their broadcast needs with the use of AI for other elements of their club matches such as training games or the youth games that normally would not get recorded.



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