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IQ Sports Producer Demo video

Promotional video  on how to fully automate live productions of  grassroots sports using AI technology of the IQ Sports Producer ( IQ-SP) platform

Interview with Michel Bais about the current and future of AI in sports production and where the new Mobile Viewpoint Stellar Cam fits in to the market.

More information on Stellar Cam

vPilot automates video production of footballclub AZ Alkmaar

Footballclub AZ uses vPilot for various use cases to engage with their fans, but also for training purposes for AZ University.

Rugby with IQ Sports Producer

Floorball with IQ Sports Producer

Futsal demonstration video

New! vPilot explained!

vPilot is an automated studio system utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is a studio set-up that does not require camera people or an onsite director but designed to create visually compelling content. 

Women's Soccer with IQ Sports Producer

IQ Sports Producer Demo video of soccer match

Fully automated production of Premier League soccer by using IQ Sports Producer platform. 

IQ Sports Producer Demo video of Basketball

This clip shows IQSportsProducer capturing basketball, fully automatically. Including graphics.

IQ Sports Producer Demo video of Soccer

IQ Sports Producer in action, capturing soccer automatically.

Medien Bullentin live using studio automation platform vPilot

Video on how the editorial team of Medien Bulletin streamed interviews live without on site camera crew during a German broadcast show.

IQ Sports Producer explained

From AZ football stadium, how Buckdesign  and IQ Video Solutions built an AI driven studio for one of Netherlands top football clubs.

Webinar on how to produce and stream sports live without cameracrew on site

Webinar during Mobile Viewpoints PostIBC event in September 2020 explaining in dept the technology behind IQ Sports Producer 

IQ Sports Producer Soccer Production

Live football match completely produced automatically with IQ Sports Producer. 

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Olympic Torch Relay 2012; how this has been produced and streamed live.

Buck Design in action using vPilot in studio